Why should I regularise my property ?

Regularisation, now this is required only if you have constructed beyond the approved norms. That’s when we have achieved more FSI than approved. If we have constructed as per the approved plan, then we are safe and this step is not required. If there are deviations form the original plan approved and if the builder has constructed more, then its considered as a deviation. 

If you have bought a residential plot and when you bought if it was unapproved, then in order to get plan approval, build your home, you will have to regularise the plot

There are multiple kind of deviations.

  • Constructing more than approved is the common one.
  • Sometimes you may find only three floors were approved and the builder has constructed the 4th floor which is unapproved. Unknowingly, if you buy the 4th floor, then you end up buying an unapproved flat
  • Set back deviations are also very common. As per the approved plan, the concerned authorities may have approved after allowing say 5 feet or 10 feet set back, Set back is the distance that you need to leave open on all sides before constructing the building. So typically to achieve more, builders violate these setback rules.
  • Sometimes the whole layout could be unapproved. That’s the plot or land you bought was not approved by the concerned authorities. In this case, the government rolls out regularisation schemes. You may regularise the land after paying the stipulated fees.

Why should I regularise my property ?

It’s pertinent that you regularise your property to create a clear marketable title for your property. If there are deviations or approvals required, you may not get the market price and at times may not even sell.

How to regularise my property ?

First understand the extend of deviation. Cost involved. State government rolls out various regularisation schemes. You need to keep a watch out for these announcements. This can turn out be a time consuming process. Now, there are lawyers who specialise on real estate, who can get this done. Otherwise, you may approach a reliable real estate agent, who will be able to connect you with the right person who can help you with the process. It’s important to understand the total cost involved and the time it would take to achieve this. These are subject to approvals.

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