Rectification deed

A need for a rectification deed occurs, if there is a discrepancy in the registered document and you would like to make some changes to it. While drafting a document , there could be multiple errors that could occur. It could be a simple typo or a major mistake.

Once you execute a rectification deed, then the new document takes precedence over the parent document.

For executing the rectification deed, both the buyer and seller has to be be present to sign on the rectification deed. Execution of rectification deed without seller may not be possible.

If the changes are minor and doesn’t affect the extend of portion conveyed, then we would classify this as a minor rectification deed. 

If the extend of land conveyed or if the size of the apartment changes, then this is a major rectification and would attract additional stamp duty charges.

Your lawyer or an experienced document writer with a lawyers guidance should be able to help you execute this.

Rectification deed cost varies from state to state. It may also vary based on the category of the rectification being done. If it’s a major rectification, then charges could be higher compared to rectification deed for minor changes which are executed to rectify minor typo errors.

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