How to choose real estate agents in Chennai ?

Now if you have decided to buy a home, I would recommend you two ways to identify your dream home.

  1. Take help from a reliable real estate agent
  2. Or do it yourself

Now the option you choose, depends on your priorities. If you personally have the time, energy and the KNOWLEDGE, I would always recommend you do it yourself. If you think you are not upto it, then choose a real estate agent wisely.

Now how to choose real estate agents in Chennai ? or anywhere else , just follow this checklist.

  1. Word of mouth or recommendation. Nothing works best like this. Check if any of your close relatives or friends have recently purchased / sold any property. If so, request them to give an introduction to the real estate agent they worked with.
  2. You can visit TNRERA website , choose from the list of agents who are registered with TNRERA.
  3. Do check if they are associated with any registered realtors associations like NAR or CREAA.
  4. Check if they have a decent website. Any good real estate agent, who means business, would have invested time and money in developing a good website.
  5. Check how long they have been in the industry and if they have a registered office.
  6. It’s always good to know their clients, so engage them on a friendly conversation , pick their brains, and try to find out if any mutual acquaintance are there.
  7. It’s good to check their knowledge. Like for example ask them a candid question as to why you should invest on a new home rather than on a resale apartment. Speak to them, spend some time. I am sure you will be able to finally judge them based on their quality of service and experience.
  8. Check how ethical they are ?
  9. Check their credentials, are they well qualified, educated etc.
  10. It’s also important to understand if they have a decent inventory to offer in the areas you are interested to buy. Cause, after all with out decent inventory, however good an agent is, they wouldn’t be able to help you.
  11. Request for some references, and projects relevant to you that they have executed.
  12. Discuss upfront the terms and conditions and the service charges involved.
  13. Tell them exactly what you are looking for, interns of space, location, neighbourhoods, price / budget. If you have any specific requirements, like you need a pet friendly place, or if you prefer gated communities with all amenities for children and adults to engage themselves during their free time. So this list can be very exhaustive. But it’s imperative you make one before you start your search.
  14. Now once you have identified a real estate agent, trust them and stick to them. Give them some time to identify your property. Follow up on regular intervals. If they show you few properties, and if you are rejecting, give them your feedback as to why you didn’t like them. This would help them to build your profile, understand your requirements and taste.
  15. That’s it, I think you now are all set to go.

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