When is the best time to buy a house ?

When is the best time to buy a house ? well, I am sure many would have all ready shared their opinion on this topic. But then well, it’s always nice to share some insights.

If you are a first time home buyer, then I would say there is no good day like TODAY for buying your home. But then, this decision has to be made after applying some serious thoughts.

Points that you need to consider before buying home.

1) What do I need ?

2) How much can I afford ?

3) What are the costs involved ?

4) How much EMI can I pay if I am taking a home loan ?

5) Then the most important question, how much space do I need considering the next 20 years ?

6) Localities I would prefer and the prevailing rates in these areas.

I would suggest, take a piece of paper and put down the answers to all the above questions. Now, after you make up your mind, work on your financials, which is one among the important consideration you need to make while buying a home. If it’s beyond budget, then what are the options ? Choose a different locality where the cost could be less or compromise on the space I need ? Or should I consider a resale apartment ?

Once you have worked out these numbers, connect with an established real estate agent. Trust me, they actually bring in a lot more value add, if you connect with a professional agency. In fact, a professional agent will be able to sit with you , understand your needs and requirements , suggest ideal choices based on your requirements.

Give them your options, and before buying negotiate to the last minute and get the best numbers. Push your agent to his maximum limits to negotiate the best out of the seller.

Well you just reached there. Join the CLUB. Congratulations on your NEW HOME.

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